Emma Pavlich


Office Coordinator

I am a silent achiever.

I do all the behind scenes data entry and office management. I am not ever in direct contact with you; however, I know about you,

Cheryl DeYoung


Student Facilitator and Enrolment

Talk to me about all your individual needs and scheduling. I'll navigate you through your course and direct you through the right channels to help make your experience seem like a breeze. Whenever you call you will be talking to me.

Gail O'Loughlan


Systems Analysis

I am also a silent achiever. I do all the over seeing. I organise and put systems into place to ensure that this facility runs smoothly for all your day to day activities; and to ensure your satisfaction.

I do not know of your enrollment with us.


see about Aalli

Backed by the best people in the Industry.

I am able to deliver a unique fun, versatile  and easy way to deliver courses to the next  Generation of  Thinking Out of the Box Amazing Therapists.

Come on Board with us and be Amazed

Aalli Donnelly

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