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$1500 inc Kit

Course length

1 Day

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Aalli Donnelly

Nationally recognised and qualified VET Trainer and Assessor.
Trains for Registered RTO Training Organisations for credited and non accredited Courses

Runs and Delivers Courses for
Beginner / Advanced Cosmetic Tattoo
Beginner / Advanced Paramedical Tattooing Beginner
Advanced Breast Areola and 3d Nipple
Skin Scarring Camouflage
Scalp Micropigmentation
Mole, Pigment and Skin Tag Removal
Korean, Skin Care
BB Glow
Carbon Peel
Laser Safety Training,
Laser Hair Reduction
Laser Tattoo Removal
Pro Plasma Device Training
Skin Tightening and Lifting
Plasma Fibroblast
Needle Free Facial Filler

About the course

BB Glow is designed as a treatment, not permanent makeup.
The first treatment leaves your skin feeling lighter, your skin is glowing and fresh.

The micro needling and serums used encourages your skin to regenerate using the body’s own 3 stages of healing 1. homeostasis 2. Proliferation and 3. Maturation. which influences your body to naturally produce more collagen improving fine lines and wrinkles, leaving a youthful vibrant face and neck.

Over time and encouraged by further treatments, helps to close pores, improves the look of dark spots, freckles, aging and lax skin and post acne scars.

Each treatment gives visible results that entices you to keep coming back for more.
BB Glow is one of the latest advanced developments of Korean Skin care, used widely throughout Europe and Asia. It has only recently made its way to Australia.
Do not get this course confused with cheap imitation courses that when applied leaves you and your client disappointed. This is an amazing course that will leave you amazed and excited.
The treatment itself feels good and the experience relaxing. The wow factor is the result. If you ever hear of anyone not enjoying this treatment or the outcome this treatment produces…then it was not performed by a professional