Removal of Mole, Wart, Hyperpigmentation and Skin Tag

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Removal of Mole, Wart, Hyperpigmentation and Skin Tag


Aalli Donnelly

Nationally recognised and qualified VET Trainer and Assessor.
Trains for Registered RTO Training Organisations for credited and non accredited Courses

Runs and Delivers Courses for
Beginner / Advanced Cosmetic Tattoo
Beginner / Advanced Paramedical Tattooing Beginner
Advanced Breast Areola and 3d Nipple
Skin Scarring Camouflage
Scalp Micropigmentation
Mole, Wart, Pigment and Skin Tag Removal
Korean, Skin Care
BB Glow
Carbon Peel
Laser Safety Training,
Laser Hair Reduction
Laser Tattoo Removal
Pro Plasma Device Training
Skin Tightening and Lifting
Plasma Fibroblast
No Needle Filler Facial

About the course

Different techniques to remove unsightly skin blemishes.
Removing moles or skin tags or warts particularly if it resides on the face or visible skin areas is sometimes inhibited by the thought of a scar and can sometimes be the barrier between ignoring the problem or making the decision to have it removed.
The plasma device is a perfect removal tool for moles and skin tags without the need for incisions or stitches; however there is a technique to everything.
The very first rule when it comes to our clients is "Do no harm"

To do not harm you must be able to identify any risks associated with the procedure and your client.